Living life together -- with value, respect, and honor for each other -- connecting through civility.



For Our Children


Our children are our future.  

Future citizens of our cities, our states, our country.

Future Moms and Dads.

Future teachers and principals.

Future leaders...

    Future followers.

Future CEO's, sales people and Senators.

Future artists and entertainers.

Future builders, electricians and plumbers.

Children are the future!


To raise up children who know who they are, who know their own value, who value their own uniqueness, and who want to learn how to share their unique gift in this world.

To see the greatness in each child; to teach them how to find greatness in themselves and in others.

To share the message that we are better together; we can value our differences; we can work together, play together, live together better by connecting through civility.  Life is just more fun when we stay connected in a positive way.  


To nurture and train our children so that they grow up into the person they are created to be.  

To support, equip, and empower those who love, live with, and work with children.

To connect with other champions of the home, school, and business to build up the leaders of the future.

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Building Up Champions

Children ~ Parents ~ Teachers

Promoting Civility

Finding Joy in Uniqueness

Valuing Each Other

Connecting with Others

Martha J Rogers, Author

Living in The World of Shapes, 

Connecting through Civility

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Martha J Rogers grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She spent six months of her junior year studying French in Paris, France. During that time she enjoyed traveling to other countries. She acquired an appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of each city and each country, and the people who make each place so interesting. Martha earned a Bachelor's Degree in French from Stephen F Austin State University.

Martha is fascinated with languages and words in general; the power that words communicate joy or destroy or to give Life. She loved to read to her three children; to explore, to travel, to learn how to live life.

"This is truly an amazing country. And how exciting it is to connect with people all over the world. When we put effort into understanding and respecting each other, valuing our differences, life gets better. By this we will build strong families, work together more effectively, and enjoy Life as it is meant to be."



Martha J Rogers

Champions of Civility

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