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What Is REALLY Important?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

What three items were obviously very important to us humans in March of 2020? We had been hearing about the coronavirus outbreak moving from China to the United States, and there was an ominous sense that something unusual was about to happen.

On March 13, I went to HEB grocery store to be prepared for whatever, I wasn't sure. I had heard rumors of a run on toilet paper. Sure enough, the toilet paper aisle was wiped clean out! (Sorry about any visual there) HEB was completely sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes. As was every other store around. The talk of the town became...Walmart had toilet paper this need to go early!

So what is really important to us humans? Cleanliness? Good health? Prosperity?

I once asked this question….

Living in The World of Shapes

What I am seeing in these times is people valuing other people. In ways that are greater than ever.

Families out walking and riding bikes together. Families homeschooling…some with great stress and angst…but they are valiantly rising to the need for becoming impromptu teachers. Families being creative together. Like the family of five in the UK who wrote and sang together their rendition of Les Miserables. It is hilarious.

People helping others in need. Giving to those who have lost work and paychecks. Schools are providing meals for all children in need. More than ever, people are volunteering to help out at the food banks and other service organizations. Many are supporting local restaurants by ordering take-out meals.

Medical personnel working overtime, risking their own health, to serve the sick.

Brilliant and innovative talents are abounding. Learning to do business virtually with video calls and phone calls. Virtual workout with trainers.

Worship services online. Online music lessons. The Country Music Awards night played in each entertainer’s home. Productivity will keep on going.

And people using their creativity in new ways. I have enjoyed the painted rocks under the trees as I walk in my neighborhood, with uplifting messages…Hope…Smiles…Kind…Stay Safe…Joy…. A plethora of home made creative face masks. And the funny coronavirus posts, memes, and GIFs are quite entertaining. Especially the toilet paper jokes and videos! Our entertainers are making some fun out of a sad situation.

The greatness in the human spirit is rising to the occasion.

And we are focusing on what is really important…valuing each other. Treating others with care, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Giving to and serving others.

To the champion spirit that is making the best of this most unusual time, way to go! The champion spirit that lifts others up, because every individual is precious and valuable.

Please share your stories of champions with me, so that I can share them with others. Champions of Life. Givers and servers. Innovative thinkers. Creative talent sharers. Joy makers and fun lovers. Please email your stories to me. (

Let us always stay focused on what is really important….

"YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU!"

Let’s Make Life Great by Connecting through Civility!

And remember to send me your stories!

Martha J Rogers is the author of Living in The World of Shapes.

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